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Jake “The Librarian” Lindsey is Fighting for Your Right to Vape at VFC 50!

Saturday, May 21 is shaping up to be one serious night of insane fights! Team VaporFi is going to be all over the action for VFC 50, supporting a slew [...]

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Vaping: How to Make the Switch

For most people, deciding to quit smoking isn't really a difficult decision to make. We all know that we need to quit smoking in order to improve our health, but [...]


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2 New VaporFi Tanks for Chuckin’ Clouds

So you’ve been vaping for a bit now, and you want to start chasing clouds do ya? While the device you’re using is important, sometimes people overlook another pivotal part [...]

In blog - Vape Lounges a Great to Get Informed

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Need Answers? Vape Lounges are a Great Place to Get Informed!

When someone is trying to find out information for any new hobby, some might say the best way to come across the information is by going to the source. Well, [...]


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